About Allen Brown

Hi there!  I’m Allen

My entire life I have striven for excellence in everything I tackle. After high school I joined the Marine Corps.  After the results came back from taking all the entrance exams, I was offered a full scholarship to Annapolis Naval Academy.  Unfortunately I was not prepared mentally to commit to 11 years of service, so I turned down the opportunity!   My four years in the Corps was during peace-time, so I wasn’t highly decorated, but I did get an honorable discharge with a good conduct medal.  After the Marine Corps I got a job with a local company installing geothermal earth loop piping for residential & commercial geothermal systems.  After 1 year on the install crew, my hard work and dedication to excellence was recognized by Water Furnace International, and they relocated me to Fort Wayne to teach Geothermal Loop Installation School to contractors from all over the country.  After teaching the school for two years, I decided that since my true love was carpentry, I came back to Indianapolis work as a carpenter installing custom trim and cabinets on high-end kitchen remodels.  Shortly after that I joined the Carpenters Union, and went through the Carpenter’s Apprenticeship Program.  While working for Carlino Corporation remodeling high-rise offices downtown, I was promoted to Superintendent while only a third year apprentice.  I continued working in the union on commercial construction for seven years, and then started my own residential remodel business.  I then moved into new construction along with remodel.  During that time, I continually focused on providing my customers with the best service, and the highest quality construction methods.  I have owned my own business building and remodeling since 1996.

I believe that homes should not only be built to the highest construction & durability standards, but they should also be built to the highest energy efficiency standards, so they cost less to live in over the life of the home.